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    Houseguests, welcome to this week's Power of Veto competition!

    The winner of this competition will be given the choice whether they want to remove a nominee from the block or not.

    Joe as HOH, you will be participating in this competition along with the people you nominated, Benj and Daniel.


    You will be joined by the three randomly chosen Houseguests...

    Ci'ere, Nifty and Charlie!!!


    The six of you You will be playing...

    A game decided by the PoV slot machine!! Gambling is HUGE in Vegas. Therefore, a set of 6 different competitions will be placed in the slot machine. Whichever challenge the slot machine chooses is the challenge you all play for PoV. This means you could also have the similar challenges multiple times. If the machine lands on Puzzle more than once, you'll play a different puzzle game each time. If it lands on flash game more than once, you'll play a different flash game each time.

    This week the slot has chosen...


    A Flash Game!!

    You will be playing...

    Starry Night!!!

    Simple, highest score wins. Must have date and time included in your screen shot.

    Questions, please let me know!! Good Luck!!

    The competition will last until 3/6/17 at 9:00pm Eastern.

    Good Luck!!

    Note: Not submitting for a challenge without notifying one of the hosts will give you one challenge strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the game.
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