Head of Household CompetitionEdit

I saved Dakota. Letting a close ally go this early would not be a good move and the show of loyalty was good for my image in the house. Rin was pissed and tried accusing me of being racist for putting him and Bao on the block, except I wasn't HOH so, Race Card Fail!

Rin went home 4-3, I've been using the intel I gained from my poll and the votes to figure out who we can trust. Dakota and I formed a 4 man group, us two, Malik and Grant. Suddenly, Mary gets released from the ice, the group had already discussed bringing her in when she gets unfrozen, so I filled her in on the house events and offered her a spot in the alliance. She was in. Malik let slip that he's got Sean as a close ally and if that were true the Sean should have voted with us making it 5-2. Those numbers don't add up. Now I'm fairly sure that Malik is working with Nate, Sean and probably TJ. Which would mean that Ahsan was the 4th vote on our side.


AHHHH I did not want this HOH. Good thing I was able to cut a deal with Nate, and it looks like I should be able to make it look innocent


If Nate wins HoH..imma just hope I'm not picked for PoV. And if Grant winw, I'm Gucci. I prefer for Grant to win to feel safe


Head of Household ResultsEdit

There were no confessionals during this time.

Nomination CeremonyEdit

Optimally for me, I think I want to see Nate win this veto. I don't want The Outsiders to have too much power... and 5 people in a house of 9 would be a lot of power.


Okay, so Malik might be onboard with The Outsiders. (Awesome name) He follow the plan and everything went smoothly, except Nate defended first turn and I just -had- to chance it and throw one at him. If I had done literally -anything- else, he would have been out first round. *Sigh*

So second round, only Nate and Grant are left and we figure Nate will do the same move again but, just our luck, he hits grant and wins HOH. Next thing I know, Dakota and I are on the block. Damnit!


Power of Veto CompetitionEdit

Veto comp is pretty weird, just uploading pictures to a thread, most pics win. Luckily I have literally thousands upon thousands of photos on a HDD that I can use for this comp. Not having to download them first is a big advantage.

At this point I'm in the lead by over 100 pics. I'm going to try and extend that even further and as soon as I see either one try to catch up, I'll start adding more.😃


With me being in an alliance of 5 on one side, and an alliance of 4 in the other..I really need to tread carefully from here on out. Hopefully u make jury hunties ❤ <3 and ily Tom


Power of Veto Competition ResultsEdit

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Power of Veto Ceremony ResultsEdit

boy it's been a while since I've written one of these. I mean, I don't have a lot to say... I've talked to pretty much everyone and I think they're on my side... Only time will tell though


Oops XD So much drama XD So the best thing is avoid it lol XD But idk who I can trust right now, some people is two-face or liar so yeah


so im pretty sure jay expects everyone to suck his dick because hes the only one who has the time to sit at home and post pictures all day. great job man


Eviction NightEdit

In the final 4-6, when I need to go on a comp win streak and don't, and ask where it all went wrong, I'd like you to remind me about this very moment

I vote to evict Ahsan


I found myself being morphed into 2 alliances after being frozen for 3 weeks. Interesting.