Head of Household CompetitionEdit

I can hear the questions after the game is over. "How did you do it, Grant? How did you manage to play such an amazing game?; Well, it's simple, really...


^my guiding philosophy


Head of Household ResultsEdit

i really want to get rid of grant bc hes the only one that can compete in these challenges and hes persuasive but everyone trusts him too much


Nomination CeremonyEdit

I'm sorry but I have to say that I 100% won't trust u anymore Nate 😛


Power of Veto CompetitionEdit

i am now getting dakota to throwbthis challenge so that grant wont win


Target in order :

1st/2nd : Malik+Nate 3rd/4th : Sean+Dakota 😉


If I make it to final 5 and win HoH, Malik or Nate will get his last 7 days and 5th 😉


Power of Veto Competition ResultsEdit

i really really really want to backdoor grant but no one wants to besides malik at all. and i cant trust either bao or dakota anyway


Nate is going down, Malik is going down. They both gonna go to HELL!!! Both of them not gonna win this game :))) Liars, Backstabbers, Stupid"er", Snakes, Rats,... :)))


i really wanted to take malik to the end but i didnt realize how big of a retard he is bc he belives in zodiacs


Power of Veto Ceremony ResultsEdit

Malik is becoming the worst and stupidest BB player ever. Trust everything people said? Are you for real???


Eviction NightEdit

There were no confessionals during this time.

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