Head of Household ResultsEdit

Woo I'm HOH! *Nicole Voice* Holeeecraaaap!!!


Jay's gonna be one to keep an eye on. I ran back through the results of both comps- he got 2nd (losing by 2 points) and 1st in this one. No one else came close to that.

I guess I should explain my strategy... I call it the 5-6 plan. Keep it cool and build steady social bonds for five evictions, then kick it into high gear, get some comps, and take over stragetically for the last six. Numbers slightly subject to change of course


Nomination CeremonyEdit

So Nate and Nick are pissed! But I feel like I got pretty lucky with the Veto draw, I've talked to all three of those players and they want Nate gone too so if they win I'm confident they will keep nominations the same. Worst case scenario, Nate wins and takes himself off, then I'll have to come up with a replacement and get more blood on my hands


Power of Veto Ceremony ResultsEdit

This may be the biggest blindside ever :)))


vote Nate out is a bad idea. Jay is a threat , if Nate out, idk who can beat jay in the challenge. Addition, I don't have any connection with nick, I can't control him. I will tell Nate go to convince Sean, grant, bao, Malik . They are not sure about the votes so we can swing their votes. I won't go to campaign for Nate, I just give them a little bit about the reason to keep Nate . I will be a ring leader in the house. :))) I hope to see a first blindside in this game


Wrapping up the final phase of Operation: Keep Nate and Flip the House... let's see if this works


okay so i know there is a 4 person alliance between jay dakota ahsan and tj. i belirve i already have malik grant and rin on my side but i just need bao and sean


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