Head of Household CompetitionEdit

i think tj is faking hating dakota


Head of Household ResultsEdit

DR Time.

I won the Veto and took myself off the block. We got lucky and nobody from The Outsiders was selected as a replacement. We controlled the votes and Kept Dakota over Ahsan. This actually kinda bummed me out because I liked Ahsan and Dakota and I were planning on working with him. I was straight up with him when he asked for my vote, I didn't jerk him around with maybes or I'll think about it. Just flat out told him "Sorry but I'm not gonna betray my original alliance." Which I think he respected.


Another weird HOH comp. This one's about knowing the house and how they think. I did okay, but Sean won in the end which sucks because I'm pretty sure he's with TJ and Nate.

According to Malik, he's gonna put up Bao and Dakota. (Guy can't get a break!) This should be okay as long as Sean doesn't have a hinky gem power and if Bao does not get the Veto. We should be able to control the votes 4-3, hopefully. ((scratch that, 4-2 split!))


So I have been slowly working over Dakota to make him believe that it all was part of some giant act. That I'm truly with him and I was lashing out at him so people won't think us working together. The thing is now, I'm playing around with the idea of actually working with him because he's hated by some and followed by a few. I could work this to my advantage.


Nomination CeremonyEdit

Malik's info was good. Sean put up Dakota and Bao. I'm still pretty sure that Malik is working with the others though. TJ's informed me that there may be a backdoor plan in the works with me as the target, headed by Sean. Not a good position to be in. TJ also approached Dakota and I about an alliance, but I think he was really just fishing for info.


Power of Veto CompetitionEdit

There were no confessionals during this time.

Power of Veto Competition ResultsEdit

There were no confessionals during this time.

Power of Veto Ceremony ResultsEdit

DR Time:

This may be my last DR session. TJ lied to Dakota and I (No Surprise) and he used the Veto on Bao. Sean put me on as the replacement. This is the end of #TeamOregon :( Dakota says he's going to try and nuke his game for me but I wouldn't be surprised if there's enough votes to push me out because I'm a 'competition threat' that combined with my penalty vote from my gem power means I need to scramble. I'm talking to everyone I can to try and make sure I have the votes to stay, but I'm still not thrashing Dakota. I can only hope that my rep as being honest and loyal will pull enough votes to counter the rest.


This is going to be tense for me. Even if I manage to convince all 3 of the remaining Outsiders to keep me -and- bao, if all 3 of TJ/Nate/Sean vote to evict me, then my penalty vote will make it a tie and Sean will decide who goes, which would be me


Dakota/TJ feud must end. Plus Dakota asked to vote for him. Easy eviction.


Eviction NightEdit

Can I just say how much I LOVE all the fighting and how divided everyone is. Hell, they voted me the most trustworthy person in the house! How delicious is that. I'm gonna smash all their alliances and crush all their dreams.

The only person who could end my game right now is Mary Josephine- she's the only one who sees how in I am with everyone, and she's probably dangerous enough to end me. So I gotta start throwing her under the bus too.


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