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Week Five PoV Results


Houseguests, here is the result of the Power of Veto competition...

In 6th place with a score of 0 by failing to submit and therefore receiving a strike...



In 5th place with a score of 230...


Tyler M. !

In 4th place with a score of 250...



In 3rd place with a score of 320...



That means either Tyler F. or Mackie won the Golden Power of Veto!!

By a score of 770 to 360....


Congratulations Tyler F., you are the winner of the Power of Veto!

Please inform the hosts whether you are going to use the POV or not. If you choose to use it, tell the hosts who do you want to remove from the nomination block.

You have until June 13th, 2016 8:15pm Eastern to decide.

Note: If you fail to provide the hosts with your decision within the time period, we will consider the POV UNUSED and we will move on to Eviction Night.
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