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Week Four Nomination Ceremony

*Steven walks in carry the key box*



This is the nomination ceremony. It is my job as HOHs to nominate two people for eviction. I will pull the first key, that person is safe. Then they will pull the next key, and so on and so forth. I will now pull the first key...

Steven pulls out the key off...


Uli, you are safe!

Uli pulls out the key off...


Diane, you are safe!

Diane pulls out the key off...


Tyler M., you are safe!

Tyler M. pulls out the key off...


"Tyler F., you are safe!"

Tyler F. pulls out the key off...


Mackie, you are safe!

Mackie pulls out the key off...


Ali, you are safe!

'I have decided to nominate Eva and Johnny for eviction. Eva, I've talked to you the least and you didn't even message me at all the last time I was HOH lol. I do appreciate your love letter tho. Johnny, I nominate you because you used POV the last time I was HOH, so at least if you win it this time you'll just use it on yourself. Good luck in POV guys! Bye. - Steven


The nomination ceremony is adjourned.

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