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Week Three BotB Competition


Houseguests, welcome to the Battle of the Block competition!!


Patrick and Eva...


Ali and Mackie...

As the two pairs of nominees, you will face off in the Battle of the Block competition. You will work together with your pair in a battle to defeat the other pair of nominations. The winner will overthrow the HoH that nominated them and become safe from nomination while their respective HoH will become vulnerable. will be playing...


Basically, if you don't want to be evicted, then you're gonna need to remember who was evicted....

Dun, dun dunnnnnnn!!!

Fast combined time wins the final Battle of the Block.

You have until June 2nd, 8:30PM Eastern to submit a screenshot to your diary room with date and time.

Good Luck!!!

Reminder, failure to submit without excusing yourself will result in a strike!!

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