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Week Two HoH Results!!


Houseguests, here are the results of the first Head of Household Competition...

In 10th place with a score of -13 having 15 cookies but only receiving 2!


Tyler M.!

In 9th place with a score of -8 having 10 cookies but only receiving 2!



In 8th place with a score of -8 having 18 cookies but only receiving 10!



In 7th place with a score of -4 having 11 cookies but only receiving 4!



In 6th place with a score of 15 having eaten only 4 cookies but receiving 19!


Tyler F.!

In 5th place with a score of 8 having eaten only 5 cookies but receiving 13!



In 4th place with a score of 7 having eaten only 3 cookies but receiving 10!



Which means Stephen, Patrick or Lucas won the two coveted HoH spots!

In 1st place, and winning the Top HoH spot, with a score of 5 having eaten only 7 cookies but receiving 12!


Stephen!!!! Congratulations on winning Head of Household!!

Now for second place...both Patrick and Lucas tied at guessing within 6 cookies of their correct amount. Both received cookies from two different people, the 1st tie-breaker. We went to a 2nd tie-breaker, whoever received the most would win....

Receiving 15 cookies versus the other persons 7....


Patrick!! Congratulations, you have won the second place Head of Household!!

Congratulations to the two of you!! You have 24 hours to submit your nominations. Until 6:30pm Eastern on 5/28/16. Since Stephen is the 1st HoH, he will make his nominations first. Once his nominations are made, we will inform Patrick and Patrick will then make his nominations. Good Luck!!

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