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Week One Veto Ceremony


This is the Veto Ceremony. I have won the power of veto and as such I have the power to save one of the two nominees. And I have decided to.... - Tyler M.


I would like to use the Power of Veto on MYSELF. As I have vetoed one of your nominations, Johnny, you must now select a new nominee. - Tyler M.


My replacement nominee is...



Samuel, please take a seat...I've been told that I was getting backdoored this round if Steven and Tyler M. dethroned me. Patrick, if this is all true, that's honestly pretty sleazy. However...Patrick did show me some strong evidence of how he was innocent. So with that, I'm not putting up Patrick like people told me to. I'm putting up someone who hasn't talked to me at all, thinking about it. I am putting up Samuel Hall. With that, this is adjourned.

- Johnny
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